Real Estate Valuations

Complete Consulting, an ANEVAR member, provides valuation services in accordance with the methodology recommended by ANEVAR and the International Valuation Standards (IVS). We do real estate valuation for individuals, companies, state institutions, banks, corporations, associations and foundations.

Need for real estate valuation

  • establishment of the market value of the property for sale or purchase; real estate valuations
  • valuation or revaluation of property in order to determine the tax rate
  • valuation or revaluation of property to record it in accounting and financial statements
  • estimation of the value of a property for which refunds or compensations from A.N.R.P. (National Authority for Property Restitution) are required
  • valuation of property for the preparation on migration files
  • determination of the value of property subject to partition or debates on inheritance rights
  • determination of fair real estate value in the capital contribution to the heritage of companies
  • determination of market values for lands and buildings owned by companies

Types of real estate valuations

  • flat apartments, house apartments, studio apartments, houses, villas
  • vacant or build-up lands, outside of built-up areas or in incorporated areas
  • grazing lands and pastures
  • forests
  • lakes and ponds
  • commercial and production areas
  • warehouses, industrial buildings
  • office buildings
  • special use buildings
  • valuation of investments made on a property
  • hotels, tourist complexes
  • all types of residential and industrial buildings in any stage
Prices for real estate valuations and expert opinions depend exclusively on the assessed property, are negotiated with the expert, and depend on objective and complexity; all prices are negotiable.