Primary accounting:

  • cash register accounting
  • entry-reception notes (ERNs) accounting
  • preparation of expenses deduction sheets
  • preparation of invoices to be issued by the client (invoicing)
  • preparation of payment orders / collection for the cashier's office
  • filling in receipts, checks, payment orders, cash deposit slips
  • preparation of payrolls, timesheets
  • filling in the employees' records registry

Management accounting:

  • value based comprehensive or value based quantitative, as appropriate, inventory management, and preparation of the analytical balance of inventories
  • preparation of trial balances and analytical balances
  • preparation of accounting journals stipulated by law: Journal Register, Inventory Register, Ledger
  • clients, suppliers analytic and synthetic records
  • fixed assets records, depreciation calculation

Financial accounting:

  • preparation and certification of financial statements (balance sheet)
  • calculation of corporate tax or microenterprise income tax, as appropriate, preparation and filing of statements within the legal deadlines
  • dividend tax calculation, preparation and filing of tax on dividends
  • calculation of income tax for non-resident natural and legal persons
  • VAT return preparation and filing it within the legal deadlines
  • consolidation of trial balances for groups of companies and their transposition in the balance sheet
  • preparation of other statements or reports required by legislation in force
  • preparation of external accounting reports, if the specificity of the activity requires it, for partners, suppliers and external customers
  • specific works for participation in public tenders
  • management periodic information on the economic and financial situation of the company
  • permanent and timely information of company management on fiscal and financial-accounting regulations
  • periodic information on tax law changes related to the beneficiary's business
  • participation at accounting checks by bodies empowered by law to carry out financial and fiscal controls
  • preparation of loan files, leasing files
  • obtaining tax certificates, findings certificates
  • carrying out scores with the financial administration
  • redrafting and submission of reports on wage obligations (preparation and filing with competent bodies of rectifying statements for employees: social security contributions, unemployment, health and Territorial Labour Inspectorate)
  • redrafting and submission of the rectifying statement with the financial administration of the VAT - value-added tax - return
  • redrafting and submission of the rectifying statement with the financial administration of the declaration on payment obligations to the state budget
  • redrafting and submission of the rectifying statement with the financial administration of the corporate tax statement
  • redrafting of the trial balance


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