Fiscal accounting financial consultancy:

  • drafting appeals of any kind (against control minutes, etc.)
  • consultancy on foreign exchange regulations, import and export operations, custom code, double taxation avoidance, international transactions
  • identification of all taxes and contributions applicable to your company
  • assistance in meeting tax obligations
  • tax analysis, consultancy regarding VAT matters, income or corporate tax, direct and indirect taxes, wage taxes, social security, etc.
  • analysis and settlement of specific issues related to harmonization with EU legislation
  • analysis and settlement of issues related to the repatriation of profits, tax solutions to maximize investment
  • tax planning
  • corporate tax (general rules, tax rates, taxable income calculation, tax payment, payment deadline, corporate tax statement)
  • income tax: the scope of the income tax, revenue categories subject to income tax, dividend tax (rates, payment deadlines, statement), defining wage income, monthly establishment of income tax from wages, tax payment deadline, annual adjustment of income tax, tax records, general income statement and special statements
  • tax on income obtained in Romania by non-residents: scope, taxable incomes obtained in Romania, withholding tax payable by non-residents, exemptions, statements
  • local taxes: general rules, tax calculation, payment deadlines, statements), building and land tax, tax on vehicles, other local taxes
  • VAT: scope, taxable persons, taxable transactions, generating event, chargeability, territoriality, tax bases and tax rates, determination, regulation and reimbursement, invoices, payment deadline, VAT return
  • inventory of assets and liabilities held by companies and valuation of the results of the inventory
  • obtaining tax certificates, findings certificates
  • other reports on request

Legal consultancy:

  • establishment of companies: limited liability company, joint stock company, general partnership, limited partnership, partnership limited by shares
  • company name availability check and/or reservation
  • establishment of subsidiaries, branches, working points
  • change of registered office, obtaining a new registration certificate, extending the validity of the registered office
  • takeover of companies, transfer of shares
  • completing, restricting or recoding of activity objects
  • changing the main activity (obtaining a new registration certificate) or the secondary activity
  • changing of partners, directors or extension of terms
  • company name changing, obtaining a new registration certificate
  • legal form changing
  • share capital increase or reduction
  • correction of material errors
  • filing and mentioning of documents in the Trade Register
  • obtaining finings certificates, certified copies or duplicates
  • legal drafting of civil and commercial contracts, international commercial contracts, labour contracts (individual and collective), labour law legal acts
  • drafting, certification and setting definite dates for documents


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